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How to get started

1. Click "Link Codes" in the menu bar.
2. Add your domain name/address.
3. Choose your font color and link test.
4. Now copy the generated code into your website.

You’re not allowed to change the code in anyway.
Read the terms for more info.

Members we need your help

We would appreciate feedback from you to make our service better. If you have suggestion to how we can improve the stats or make this site better in any way. Please let us know.

We are also looking for members that will write a short testimonial, which we can post on our website. This will help getting new members and the opportunity to expand our service.
Thank you for your support.

Team FOU

Help us keep it free? If you like our services please donate.

We want to keep this service free but as we have reached more than 1 million users our hosting bills are getting bigger each month.

We have decided to accept donations instead of making it a paid service.

We did get inspired to try this based on the band called Radiohead. They reached more than $6Million in donations, which was more than what their previous album did make.

So please help us keeping it free, if you like our service feel free to make a donation.


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