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 On-Line Users services around.
It's very ease to install !

Full configurable, change colors/fonts/size as u like !
 n viewers    n loves me    n visitor(s) currently on this site    n daring    n bleeding    n chillin
n having a perfect day!    n crazy here    n guests    n friends here    n in pleasure

Dear user, due to heave traffic in this site we was forced to change the terms of service for this site, even the best server configuration was not able to serve all users so we decided to add a popunder in code to give revenue to make this site up instead of turning service off, now site run in redundant servers with top configurations.
 We hope you understand that changes.

To add the service again in your site with a popunder please copy the code again.

A paid version of this service without any pop is available at $6/year
Avoid slow free services that run for a time and goes down, keep your site fast and live all the year !
Choose - Serving over 100.000 websites

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Terms of service: 
This service is free but you must agree that we will open a small popunder in your 
site to guarantee revenue to keep this service running.

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To install the On-Line Users in your page,
 just copy and paste this html code in your website.
Just change "" using the name of your site:

If you do not want to show the users in your page, just count it, use this code:
(remember to change with the name of your site):

Code for Full Version (Paid Users) Without Popunder:
Note that this code will work only after payment

Click here to sign-up :

After payment please fill this form and wait 0-72 hours so your username be activated :

Please fill this form only after paypal payment, otherwise your code will not work !

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