How Does a Drop Shipping Home Business Work?

These days, everyone is looking for ways and means to supplement their routine income, and most of them turn online for business opportunities. While there are plenty of online business options, very few are aware that there is something called a drop shipping home business.
Drop shipping is the process where you sell an item online, but you do not actually have it stocked at home. Instead, once someone places an order, you will pass on the necessary details to a wholesale supplier who will then ship the product to the customer.

You will first need to identify a supplier or dealer who will partner with you in this venture. Finding a reliable partner will be a challenge, but there are quite a few large companies which provide the option of drop shipping business partnerships. If you are well acquainted with a dealer in your locality, you can convince him to take his business online through you.
Next, you will be identifying the exact procedure to operate this venture. You and your dealer will work out the details for packing, shipping and payment. Once this is done, you can start selling the items online through your own dedicated website or through online shops like eBay. Your dealer will provide you details like products and quantity available, shipping cost and also necessary product info. After a customer orders a product from you and makes the payment, you will give the shipping address to your dealer who will then ship the item.
There are several advantages in a drop shipping business. You do not have the hassles of maintaining stock or inventory. You also do not need to worry about packaging and shipping the products. You can sell a wide assortment of products, only limited by your imagination. And you will be starting a business with almost zero investment. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. Many sellers in eBay are in fact drop shipping businessmen.

We have several experiences with drop shipping stores that we will put as examples in future posts